About Us


To grow with our design team to higher levels of efficiency and professionalism, were each member of our staff is performing within a smoothly running design process that is coordinated both horizontally and vertically to produce a fine product that we can all be proud of as designers and partners with our clients in the project success.


We aim to produce designs that are not only distinguished architecturally, but also are engineered with value and efficiency.

FB Architects is an architecture and engineering design firm that was established in 1999, by Faris Bagaeen, after spending 16 years as a partner and senior architect with a Jordanian consultancy firm. The diverse experience of working with professional designers and engineers of all fields of the building industry gave Mr. Bagaeen a good base to attract a fine set of professionals, and to set out goals and a clear vision for the new practice.

Arch. Faris Bagaeen

We started with two departments, architecture and structural. Then in 2002 the departments of electrical and mechanical engineering (building services) were added. In 2003 we started interior design and landscape design through the architecture department, so as to provide the full design services to our projects.

Later in 2005 the interior design department was structured with close relationship with the architecture and the engineering departments.

In 2005 we established the project management department and attached it to our already existing project supervision department as a step to providing better and more professional services to our clients.